CBRC Weekly Seminars - Autumn 2021 Series 2

Protein Design

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, CBRC decided to switch to online methods. The aim of the weekly seminars starting in Autumn 2021, is to bring together recent work and researches in bioinformatics. The speakers are the members of the lab and guest professors. It is organized by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at AmirKabir University in collaboration with the Computational Biology Research Center (CBRC).

These webinars are open to University students and faculty and to the general public. This event is free. These seminars are scheduled for Wednesdays at 18:00 (GMT +3:30). The meeting will be held virtually over Adobe Connect. The meeting link can be found here. These events are free of charge.

Here is a guide to connect to the weekly meetings.

Meeting Applications for Adobe Connect

The Adobe Connect meeting application offer greater performance and a better overall meeting experience. It can be installed before your meeting using the installers below.

Seminars Programme

Date Speaker Title Info Survey Recording
17 November Javad Rezaei Analyzing critical node detection problem and gene essentiality in PPI networks View Details Fill out form View
24 November Amin Rahmani Inverse protein design using the BLOSUM matrix View Details Fill out form View
01 December Fatemeh Sadat Mardani predicting protein disorders View Details Fill out form View
08 December Fayaz Soleymani Babadi Analyzing of protein-metabolite interaction using metabolic network View Details Fill out form View

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