CBRC weekly Seminars - Autumn 2020

Topic Adverse Drug Reaction prediction
The drug’s side effect is an important criterion for evaluating the drug’s safety. The structural and chemical properties of drugs also play a significant role in the drug’s functionality. One of the main reasons that cause repetitive side effects, is the lack of precise identification of the drug’s symptoms and side effects during the lab research period. Therefore, a deeper understanding of structural properties and studying the existing structures can help us remarkably with studying the drug’s functions and in particular the drug’s side effects’ mechanism.
Many researchers are now developing a method for identifying the drug’s side effects. In this seminar, we are going to discuss the drug’s side effects, the common database in this field, and the challenges regarding this topic.
Speaker: Milad Besharatifard
Time 04 November, 2020 18:30 as online

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